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The county’s parcels are split into 6 revaluation areas.

Every year, 1/6 of the county’s real property parcels, (about 18,000), will be physically inspected and revalued in an on-going cyclic 6 year program.

This condition was recognized, present, and supported the timely low cost transition.

The current plan did not include a proposal to add additional staff.

As a result, assessed valuations could not maintain uniform countywide market value relationships.

Experiences from existing annual revaluation operations were researched in similarly sized Washington counties.

Every property is statistically reviewed every year. Revenues are set, determined, and increased in only 2 ways.

New construction, destroyed property, land use impacts, and all other statutorily required valuation adjustment considerations, continue to be administrated annually as well. New or additional dollars are directed by voters, or, budget increases limited to 1% are passed by resolution or ordinance after public hearing by taxing district legislative authorities (i.e. Countywide property valuations will stay aligned with current real estate market activity.

Current market value indications are derived primarily from analysis of recent comparable market sales.

Sales analysis directs adjustments throughout classifications of properties by type and specific neighborhood market defined areas.

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The scheduled replacement of the current computer system added efficiencies with powerful new technology.